Pre-departure Instructions

Below you can find instructions on how to proceed when leaving Brno and finishing your Erasmus stay. Following the checkout procedure is compulsory no matter if you lived in the dormitories or not. Without it, you will not get the final documents such as the Transcript of Records that you need for your home university.

The email does not concern practicalities of your departure (flights, border crossings, etc.); make sure to read up on travel restrictions of states to/ via which you will be travelling.

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Check-out procedure – living in the dormitories

You can check out from the dormitory only during working days (until 12:00) 1 or 2 days before your departure. If you are planning to leave at the weekend, please arrange everything on Thursday or Friday (you can stay in the dormitory for the weekend). Please follow these steps:

1) Clean your room. See what will be checked here.

2) Go to the reception and call a cleaning lady to check your room. After checking your room, she will give you a piece of paper called “Control list”.

3) Go to your accommodation assistant and ask him or her to put your details in the "Exchange students checkout list" (he or she will need to know your UCO and your date of departure from the dorms). It is a shared document between the dormitories and the Centre for International Cooperation.

4) When leaving the dormitory, return your key and the "control list" at the reception.

5) When you are ready to have your checkout processed by your coordinator (any time after the dormitory checkout), fill in this CHECK-OUT FORM. your coordinator will process it within a week and send you the required documents.

6) Not compulsory: if you want to donate your kitchen utensils to next semester's Second Hand Shop (a market where students can take what they need and the profit goes to charity), please wash them and leave them at a place designed for that in your dormitory. We will be really happy if you decide to do that as it helps new students, the chosen charity and the environment. The designed places are:

  • Vinařská: reception or the international students storage room
  • Tvrdého: storage room after an arrangement with the accommodation assistant
  • Kounicova, Klácelova, nám. Míru, Mánesova: storage room – the key can be picked up at reception/ at the accommodation assistant
  • Komárov/ Sladkého: designated place in Komárov entry hall

If you forgot about step 3 and left the dormitory already, email your accommodation assistant instead of coming to their office in person.

Check-out procedure – living in private accommodation

If you lived in private accommodation, you only have one step to do: fill out the CHECK-OUT FORM.

However, you will have to attach two documents in it:

1) your accommodation contract (so that we can verify that you didn't live in dormitories)

2) your flight/ bus/ train ticket from Brno, so that we can verify your date of departure

If you are not able to provide the accommodation contract, specify it in the comment. If you left by car, a declaration of honour stating the date, with a handwritten signature, will be needed.

What else?

Make sure to:

1) Return books to the library (this must be done before you fill in the checkout form).

2) Close your bank account (if you opened any): withdraw all the money you have on it (except for approx. 30 crowns which will cover the fees for the last transactions). Go to the bank (take your payment card with you) and ask them to close the account. The payment card will be deactivated. After 30 days from the deactivation, the account will be closed.

3) If the country you are travelling to requires a COVID test, here are testing locations you can go to.

Documents for home university

Your home university will require 1 or 2 documents from you:


I will issue the document for you AFTER you've filled it your check-out form. The document will be provided with an electronic signature. If you don't have all your grades yet at that point, I will only process your checkout and I will wait until you message me that you received your last grade, and issue the transcript then. It will also contain the dates of your mobility and a grade overview (see example here). It is not possible to provide your grades in any other form (1-20 scale, etc.). It is your home university that does the conversion. In case of pass grades (Z, P), there is a recommendation on the trascript to convert them to A, but your home university may or may not follow it.

2) (not every university) CONFIRMATION OF STUDY PERIOD (or a similar name)

If you home university requires such a document, please attach it in the check-out form. Otherwise, we confirm the mobility dates direcly on the transcript. If I already have your document in my office, please specify it in the "notes" section of the form.


Dormitories FAQ

What to do to extend/shorten the dormitory accommodation contract?

-> Talk to your accommodation assistant.

Will I get the deposit back?

-> Yes, the security deposit will be used to cover your last month of accommodation. Please check your SUPO, in the table overview of balances, there is a line “Amount to pay”. That is where you can see how much you should pay in last months including outstanding fees (internet, electronic appliances). The booking deposit will be released after you have checked out. See how to transfer it to your account below.

I still have some money on my Webkredit/ SUPO. How can I get it back?
->  If you have some money on the canteen account (WebKredit), you should first transfer the money to your SUPO account in order to get back all the money. Then, you can have the money sent to your account by following these steps: 1) use this application to enter your bank account number into our system. 2) use this application to ask for the refund. The money transfer will take about a week and your bank may charge some fees for an incoming international transfer. These steps can only be done after your study record has been closed (your coordinator will notify you when that happens, probably mid-July).

Check-out in person

The whole check-out can be done online: the transcript of records is signed with an electronic signature and a scan of the Confirmation of Study Period is usually sufficient for our partner universities.

In case you would still like to check out in person, you can come without an appointment during office hours.



How will you calculate my date of departure?

Your official date of arrival is the one you confirmed on the Confirmation statement you submitted at the beginning of the semester (no earlier than 2 September in case you arrived in autumn and 3 February in case you arrived in spring).

Your official date of departure on your documents will be your real date of departure (confirmed by the dormitories or by presenting a transportation ticket for the given date) UNLESS more than 7 days have passed since your last exam or other academic activity (in other words, we will confirm max. 7 days after your last exam/ academic activity in case you are staying in Brno longer). The academic activity can also be for example a final essay submission. Your coordinator will check this date in your IS.

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