Applications are now open for our online winter schools, and applications for our summer schools will open in November.

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Masaryk University Winter Schools

As we at Masaryk University begin the 2020/2021 academic year, we are looking looking forward to having your students join us on our winter and summer schools in 2021. We are excited to be able to offer a few winter schools, two of which will be offered online after our success this past summer offering 3 online summer schools

Winter School: International Law and Human Rights

This online program is designed to teach students about international law from the European and Czech perspective, and how human rights intersect with both national and international law.
When: 18 January–5 February, 2021
Cost: €700, €100 discount for partner universities and an additional €100 discount for all students who apply and commit before November 30


Winter School: International Relations and Threats to Global Security

Taught in the Czech Republic, this online program enables students to gain a regional perspective on both the historical and modern aspects as well as military and non-military security threats to international security.
When:  25 January - 12 February 2020
Cost: €700, €100 discount for partner universities and an additional €100 discount for all students who apply and commit before November 30

5 reasons to attend an online winter school with Masaryk University 

  1. A different perspective – Online summer schools enable students to attend classes that they may not be able to take at their home institution, or at least not from the same perspective. 
  2. Enhance intercultural communication skills –  By attending a winter school with a foreign university, students are introduced to students and faculty members from all over the world. 
  3. Preparing students for their future career – The online summer schools organized through Masaryk University strive to prepare students for their future careers at the same time as focusing on the academic. Now more than ever, it is important for students to learn how to virtually collaborate and present ideas. 
  4. Get ahead for next year – The intensive, 3 week online summer school with Masaryk University will provide students with 8 ECTS (or 4 US credits) allowing students to make up for courses they may have missed, or to help them get ahead for future semesters.
  5. Cost effective – Masaryk University’s summer schools have always been cost effective in comparison to many other offerings, and the same is true with the online summer schools.  Academic rigor is not lost, however Masaryk University believes educational opportunities should be available to all.

Looking ahead...Summer 2021

Masaryk University is proud to continue our tradition since 2004 of offering numerous summer schools in 2021. Our wide variety of programmes enable students from all areas of study to enjoy the summer in Brno. All programmes offered through the Centre for International Cooperation provide students with a wide range of social and acadmic activities, enabling students to enjoy the best Central Europe has to offer. Students can choose from internships in our labssports studieslawdemocracy studies, and more

Why should you attend Masaryk University's summer school?

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